A historic fundraiser to support organizations that aid victims of violence and intolerance - women, LGBTQI people, black people, indigenous peoples and refugees. More than 2,700 people came together to begin 2019 by guaranteeing that these organizations won’t be alone in their mission to leave no one behind!

Here’s a little bit of the story of the campaign :)


2018 was not an easy year in Brazil. We watched and worried alongside our Brazilian partners about the increase of hate crimes toward minorities and saw that we had to do something. “There are so many of us,” we thought. We’re bigger than hate – and plenty of people have been working for years to support those who need it most. But even they were at risk: starting in 2019, all signs indicate that these sorts of crimes will become more common – and that the public funds for organizations working with victims of violence will be slashed. One thing became clear: we had to strengthen those on the front lines.

This was our first step: a historic fundraiser to help them stay afloat for the coming years. Our first goal, R$250,000, guaranteed funds for the first five organizations on our list. We launched the campaign on the day after the elections – and we raised R$120,000 in the first 48 hours. We met the first goal in 15 days! But we didn’t stop there. We doubled the goal and also the number of beneficiary organizations. The campaign stayed live for another 30 days and finished on Dec 28, 2018, having raised over R$405,000 :)

Today, we can be sure that these organizations will start 2019 strengthened by the support of so many people. We’re truly moved! And this was just the first step. Now, we’re going to hire team members dedicated to the No One Left Behind campaign who will follow up on the use of resources, keep donors informed, and, above all, create new forms of resistance over the next four years. We’re in this together. #NoOneLeftBehindBrazil

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The lives of LGBT people, black people, women, indigenous peoples and refugees have always been under threat: they are, historically, among the main victims of intolerance. During the 2018 elections, we became concerned about a potential increase in hate crimes in a context with even fewer resources for organizations that work with victims of violence. And we knew plenty of people had already been working day in, day out to support and protect those in most need.

That’s why the first step of our resistance was to strengthen those who have been in the daily fight against intolerance for years. We found 10 incredible organizations across Brazil that do inspiring and important work and decided to guarantee that no one would be left behind. We committed not to leave them alone, even for a minute. And we did it!


A Casinha, a AMAC, o Grupo Comunidade Assumindo suas Crianças, a Casa 01 e o Coletivo Margarida Alves will each receive R$40,000 each, out of the first goal, R$250,000, which we met 100%. The organizations supported by the second goal, meanwhile (...) will receive R$24,800 each to strengthen their work, which corresponds to 80% of the second goal.

In addition to the money distributed to each organization to cover rent, equipment, meals, and other essential needs, a few production-related costs are included in the goals. Of the full sum, 80% will be distributed to the organizations, 5% will be used to cover the fees from our payment system - and 15% will go towards setting up a dedicated* team at Nossas to staff the campaign.

*Up to this point, our resistance has been fueled by amazing people who donated their time to make sure that no one would be left behind. So that we can keep moving forward together, we’ll need to set up a team to work with the organizations we’re supporting, keep you updated about how we’re using the funds, and plan the next steps of our resistance! The numbers in this page are in US dollars and converted from the original fundraising iniciative https://www.ninguemficapratras.org.br



We are organizations, collectives, and citizens, all concerned about what Bolsonaro's victory means for our country, and even more concerned about what it means for groups that are already the targets of hate crimes – violent activity that has only escalated in recent weeks. We believe that right now, our task is to strengthen those standing against that hate, the people who are already on the front lines, struggling every day against prejudice and intolerance. When we stand together, we are stronger than hate!

Here are the organizations that are building this campaign together: